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As pioneers in the California blueberry farming industry, Delta Blue Blueberries strives to provide our customers with the freshest and highest quality products possible. Our blueberry farming philosophy consists of growing great tasting, high quality organic blueberries without the use of harsh chemicals or fertilizers. We strive to combine the best soil, climate and cultural practices to grow the finest organic blueberries on the market!

In addition to producing highly nutritious organic fruit, the Delta Blue Blueberries green farming team utilizes responsible, sustainable farming practices to maintain and enhance the quality of the land, air and water resources of the farm. The results are natural, organic blueberries which are typically more flavorful and higher quality than conventionally farmed blueberries.

We offer our fresh organic blueberries mid-May through June. We also produce organic blueberry fruit spread which is available year round. Our fruit spread is a wonderful compliment to many cheeses and wines, as a sauce for meat dishes, as a topping to ice cream, mixed into your favorite yogurt or even in a good old fashioned PBJ sandwich. Take a moment to browse through the slideshows below which display our beautiful organic blueberry farm and delicious natural organic blueberries in Stockton, California.