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Four Reasons to Drink Blueberry Juice

Blueberry Juice You may have heard talk around town that snacking on blueberries can help to improve your overall health. That’s due to these awesome little things called antioxidants, which blueberries happen to be chock full of. You can enjoy the benefit of antioxidants just the same by adding more blueberry juice to your diet, as well. Here are four health benefits that you’ll experience when drinking blueberry juice.

Weight Loss


Losing weight can be a real struggle, and there are tons of crash diet plans out there that usually end up only working temporarily – or not working at all. Adding blueberry juice to your diet may able to help you with your goals when it comes to weight loss and management. A study conducted by the University of Michigan showed that rats that were drinking blueberry juice but eating varying diets had similar weight loss across the board. Researchers think this may be due to the way our bodies break down and store sugar, but the results seem to indicate that including blueberry juice in your daily intake can help you with your diet.


Relieve Muscle Damage and Stress


If you are hoping to lose weight, you need to adjust your workout routine as well as your diet, and it turns out that blueberries can help you with that, too. Have you ever had sore muscles after an intense workout? The antioxidants in blueberry juice can actually help ease the pain in your aching muscles after a hard workout by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress that occurs to muscles after exercise. So, you’ll feel better faster, and your muscles will heal more quickly.


Anti-Aging Benefits


Antioxidants found in blueberry juice can help fight off the adverse effects of aging by slowing down the damage caused by free radicals in the body. Those free radicals usually speed up the aging process by making our minds and bodies move a bit slower, but we can combat that affect with a little help from antioxidants.


Boost Overall Brain Health


Antioxidants won’t only slow the effects of aging, but they can also help improve our overall brain health. To keep our memories fresh and our motor skills sharp, a bit of blueberry juice a day will do the mind some serious good.


At Delta Blueberries, we believe in the importance of fresh, organic fruit that nourishes both our minds and bodies. For more information about our mission, and to find out more health benefits that you can enjoy by adding some blueberries to your daily diet, contact us today.