Easy Ways to Incorporate Blueberries in Your Diet

July is National Blueberry Month which is, of course, one of our favorite months at Delta Blue Blueberries. In honor of the theme of July, let’s take a look at some easy ways you can add blueberries to your daily diet.


Blueberry PancakesAdd blueberries to your breakfast. Blueberries make a great addition to cereal or oatmeal, or make a tasty topping for quinoa. You can also use them in more decadent breakfast foods. Add blueberries to your French toast or pancakes, or stir some into other baked goods such as muffins. Here is a great recipe for blueberry oat Greek yogurt muffins that are easy to make and incredibly delicious.


When it comes to lunch, blueberries can be easily added to a number of great dishes. Add them to a chopped chicken salad for a nice refreshing meal – especially great during the hot summer months. Also add blueberries to grilled cheese to give it a sweet contrast, or grill up some chicken kabobs with a blueberry balsamic sauce, giving the chicken a nice sweetness that you’ll love. For a fun lunch recipe, check out this one for a blueberry pizza. It includes feta cheese, honey and caramelized onions, making it an enjoyable treat that’s easy to make.


Blueberries have an amazing amount of versatility as you can already see. If you’ve had them for breakfast and lunch, you can also enjoy them at dinner time as well. For example, a blueberry balsamic glaze works with many roasted meats, including turkey breast and salmon. If you want to get adventurous, try this Swedish blueberry soup. You might not think of blueberries when you think of making a great soup, but this is one recipe you have to try to believe – and we’re sure you’ll find it’s delicious!


Finally, you can add blueberries to your dessert, too. You already know about blueberry pie and adding blueberries to ice cream, but try mixing them with some yogurt and freeze the combination to make a delicious cold treat that’s perfect for the summertime or an unusually hot day.

With so many great ways to include blueberries in your everyday dining, there’s no reason to miss out on the great fresh taste of this wonderful fruit. To learn more about ordering fresh-farmed blueberries, contact us today!

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