Five Great Benefits of Eating Blueberries

At Delta Blue Blueberries, we love blueberries, and know that they’re good for each of us. All fruit is good for us, right? Well, did you know that this incredible fruit actually has some special properties that make it one of those super healthy and amazing fruits that we should be eating all the time? Here are five great benefits that your body will experience from eating blueberries.

Fight Disease

Blueberries, especially fresh organic blueberries like those we grow at Delta Blue Blueberries, are packed with tons of antioxidants – more than all other kinds of fruits. Antioxidants are good-for-you substances like vitamins, notes Best Health, and help your body fight off diseases and harmful free radicals.

BlueberriesFight Urinary Tract Infections

If you’ve ever had a UTI, you know that your doctor might tell you to drink a bunch of cranberry juice. Similar to cranberries, blueberries also contain substances that prevent bacteria from growing in your bladder, says, which will ultimately cause a UTI.

Protect Against High Blood Pressure

One in every three American adults has hypertension, or high blood pressure. To help manage your high blood pressure – or to prevent yourself from developing it – you can add blueberries to your diet. The antioxidants that give blueberries their purple and blue colors, known as anthocyanins, are thought to bolster your circulatory system by preventing plaque buildup in arteries, which ultimately leads to high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Reduce Cancer Risk

Those same anthocyanins have been shown in a recent study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to possibly attack cancer-causing free radicals. If this study is accurate—and there are more studies to be done before we can be sure—it’s possible that these anthocyanins are blocking tumor growth.

Reduce Belly Fat

Anyone who’s ever been on a diet knows that belly fat can be tough to get rid of, but luckily, including blueberries in your diet could help get rid of stubborn belly fat. An antioxidant in blueberries called pterostilbene can help lower your cholesterol levels, according to EatingWell, which will help your body get rid of fat faster.

For more information on this incredible fruit, check out our Health Benefits page or contact us today.

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